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aps priming tool

Aps Priming Tool : The RCBS APS Bench Mounted Priming Tool changed into created for reloaders who favor to have a separate, specialised device excellent for priming.

The device gives exceptional “enjoy” and an adjustable manipulate for non-public choice or bench height. It calls for the use of favored shellholders and priming strips (provided separately).


Handle is adjustable from 30 ranges beneathneath horizontal to ninety ranges above horizontal

Uses favored RCBS shellholders

  • Tool layout permits operator to enjoy primer being seated in case
  • Has adjustable prevent for regular primer seating intensity
  • APS primer strips are shade coded, designed to connect with every wonderful for non-prevent primer feeding

Tool does not embody primer strips (provided separately)

Readers frequently ask: “What priming device have to I use?” There isn’t anyt any smooth, smooth answer. Different machine have specific advantages and disadvantages. Many short-variety benchresters just like the Sinclair one-at-a-time priming device. They take transport of as actual with this unit has the great “enjoy” for seating primers.

Others pick the K&M device, each different “unmarried-loader”, due to the fact it could be organized with a seating intensity gauge, for the closing in precision. On the possibility hand, one pinnacle shooter with a pair National Championships under his belt favors the modest $19.00 Lee Autoprime device: “It’s smooth, green and has served me properly for years–I’m not happy the fancy, highly-priced machine do a higher job.”

This editor has attempted all of those machine, and for my part I choice the RCBS APS hand priming device. It has  crucial advantages. Number one, primers are held in color-coded plastic strips so that you in no way need to the touch the primers. If you purchase the pre-loaded strips, there’s no chance of having an upside-down primer, and also you in no way need to idiot with flipping primers in a tray. Second, the APS device has a “favored” shell-holder. This employs spring-loaded jaws so it could wholesome any length cartridge, from a 17 Fireball to massive magnums. The unit has a comfortable grip and masses of leverage. Each time you seat a primer, the strip robotically advances. (NOTE: If you want the general shell holder however don’t like strips, RCBS gives a trendy m90201 Universal Hand Priming Tool with a favored shell-holder that makes use of a traditional primer tray.)

RCBS APS hand priming tool RCBS Universal Hand Priming Tool

Currently, great CCI primers may be bought pre-loaded into strips. But there’s an cheaper device that permits you to load Federal, Winchester, or Wolf primers into the strips. The strips are available in quite a few colors (Red, White, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Black), so that you can kind your primers via color.

The RCBS APS hand primer is right at the same time as doing primer assessment testing. You can slide one strip of 25 primers withinside the device, seat five or 10, then without troubles cast off the strip with the very last primers, and slide in a second strip with each different primer kind. You can slip the primary strip returned in a garage vicinity and the primers live equipped to use.

As contained withinside the strips, primers moreover can be carried out in an RCBS 2000 contemporary-day press, a bench-set up priming unit, and a totally specific tool that suits into the pinnacle of a Rockchucker or comparable press. I definitely have loaded over 20,000 pistol rounds with an RCBS contemporary-day press and I definitely have had not a unmarried flipped primer. Not one. The strip-priming device furthermore makes it smooth to exchange from small to massive primers at the contemporary-day–this could truely be completed in under 20 seconds.

The bench-set up unit is right for priming massive portions of cases. The extended manipulate gives masses of leverage, and you may paintings rapid, because of the reality the primers robotically feed via the device. When I load massive portions of varmint rounds, I use the bench-set up APS device. The great gripe I definitely have troubles the small plastic bushing that publications the primer seating rod. This bushing breaks without troubles and is easy to lose.


INSTRUCTIONS : The APS Strip Loader is for the ones reloaders who also can furthermore have a deliver of CCI primers in traditional tray- kind packaging and now, due to the fact of the APS Priming Tools, they need  the ones primers loaded into strips. As the selection implies, the strip loader permits you to fill empty primer strips together collectively together along with your favored primers. With every push of the manipulate the strip loader will rapid seat 25 primers right proper right into a strip. After loading the strips with primers the strips are equipped for use in an APS Priming Tool.The tape overlaying CCI strips of APS primers is an crucial protection function of the packaging. The tape serves to save you the detonation of a single primer from inflicting detonation of diverse primers in near proximity. Always cowl loaded primer strips, not in use, with APS tape. Never store portions of loaded primer strips with out overlaying them with tape. Covering the primers with APS tape furthermore serves to guard them from contamination withinside the direction of garage. To apply the tape, surely peel the backing from a section from the tape. Lay the tape on a flat floor with the adhesive floor up. Lay as lots as 4 loaded strips, side-via-side, anvil side down and press firmly into place.

IMPORTANT: Before you operate the strip loader it’s far vitally crucial which you examine those commands and definitely apprehend how this product  or correct sufficient s . Become familiar with the loader via going via a few “dry runs.” Along with those commands there are a few reachable tips and suggestions so that you can make the device easier to use.Carefully unpack the strip loader and search for the subsequent items:

• Strip loader assembly

• Handle lever

• Tray lid

• Strips

• TapePlace the strip loader on a flat sur face and join the manipulate lever as examined in photo #16.

You also can furthermore need to depress or push down at the primer seating bar so the manipulate lever will slip into the 4 slots on the returned of the device. See photo #16. Under the primer seating bar you’ll see there are 25 pins…one for every hollow withinside the primer strip. These pins assist to locate the empty strips withinside the device and to function the primers withinside the strip. Once the manipulate lever is set up, push down at the lever and watch what

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