Diamondback Db15 Review [2022]: Is The Diamond Series Worth It?

diamondback db15 review

Diamondback DB15 CCMLB SuperKit : Long said for being underestimated and over-performing, the Diamondback DB15 collection of rifles are actually to be had in more than one trim degrees which embody the Diamond collection with Diamondback’s private precise decrease receiver layout.

Diamondback DB15 CCMLB SuperKit

My studies with Diamondback’s rifles started out in 2016 with a assessment in their AR-10. AR-10s on the time were notably very expensive to private and reliability taken into consideration an delivered bonus. The DB-10 reviewed then retailed for under $1,000 and shot sub-moa with out a hiccup. That grabbed my attention. Before that take a look at and ever for the cause that Florida-primarily based totally sincerely company probable pleasant said for his or her love-it-or-loath-it tiny DB9 pistol has been cranking out high-price rifles at very much less high-priced prices. The DB15 Diamond Series is Diamondback’s top fee line which embody upgraded triggers, furnishings, a nice hard case, and factors of hobby covered withinside the box. Additional top fee capabilities encompass clever options like a mid-period fueloline device, pinned fueloline block, shot-peened and magnetic particle inspected bolt organization institution, and a 4150CrMov, black nitride barrel with a 1:eight twist fee to hit that candy spot for optimum average overall performance with now not unusualplace bullet weights.

With an MSRP of $1,159 and a now not unusualplace preserve price (August 2020) around $1,000 The DB15DSB version we examined is priced and featured to compete with a number of the larger manufacturers. Unlike a number of the extra poplar manufacturers aleven aleven aleven though Diamondback has created a completely precise appearance with their private decrease receiver, handguard, and muzzle brake.The upgraded MagPul furnishings and CMC motive cause an growth in fee a few producers shy from; who choose to keep MSRP low and decrease the threat of now now not choosing what the purchaser wants.

Let’s take a deeper examine how Diamondback did with their flagship rifle line.

Diamondback DB15 CCMLB SuperKit Diamond Series Features

1 LOWER RECEIVER : Unique to the Diamond Series platform.

2 MID-LENGTH GAS SYSTEM : Built with pinned fueloline block.

3 SUPERIOR TRIGGER : CMC 3.five lbs motive.

4 DECKED OUT FURNITURE : Complete with Magpul furnishings and covered folding factors of hobby.

Diamondback Db15 Diamond Series – Our Take

Opening the covered Flambeau Pallet Packer Case ($25 price) in reality offers the sensation of a top fee rifle.  Not pleasant is the case a part of the overall package, however it’s a step above your wellknown plastic case with covered velcro straps that thread via slots withinside the case foam to constant the rifle in region.  MagPul MBUS folding factors of hobby ($ninety price) are covered however now now not installation virtually so the character can also furthermore region them wherein desired or actually go away them off as we did for trying out.The anodizing is rich, and darker at the decrease than the handguard or higher receiver, however ordinary a strong finish.  The handguard buddies properly to the higher receiver however did require a mild adjustment to be flawlessly aligned. Upper and decrease receiver mate with wellknown mil-spec play that is a remedy thinking about the Diamondback-custom Diamond decrease.  Contrary to famous belief “mil-spec” tolerances are looser than many organisation producers may also need to strive for, however that is finished to make sure compatibility.  A little free aleven though fits, too tight and the weapons tops being fun. Diamondback had the possibility to tighten topics up after they created the Diamond decrease, however with the beneficial useful resource of the usage of retaining it “mil-spec” they ensured the decrease may also need to paintings with the widest form of uppers. The enhancements Diamondback did make over mil-spec encompass an over-sized motive shield that doesn’t rub the firing-hand center finger knuckle.  I name that condition “patrol knuckle” as it changed into on patrols in Afghanistan that the usual grip-to-motive shield interface added on me hundreds grief and eventual calluses determined with the beneficial useful resource of the usage of an aversion to the “real sufficient” and enchantment to receiver and grip designs considerate sufficient to deal with this.

Diamondback DB15 CCMLB SuperKit : It’s dubious many civilian shooters want to care approximately this, however the Diamondback is a rifle I can also want to patrol with. Of course, the maximum obvious function is the arced and shortened mag properly and huge bevel. The shorter the the the front to the mag properly actually widens the feasible angles of technique for a reload.  This is incredible for the ones familiar with rock-and-lock rifles just like the AK, or perhaps proved beneficial eventually of our accuracy trying out because it accredited a lot much less complicated insertion of 30-spherical mag at the same time as capturing from a relaxation. A rifle’s furnishings is wherein human and device try to meld. Starting withinside the shoulder the MagPul ACS-L (extra or a lot much less an $eighty price) inventory gives real shoulder pocket fitment and an angled pinnacle for cheek weld. A Quick-detach cup is likewise covered to be installation if the character desires, or they’ll use the conventional loop thing on the lowest of the stick.  As an additional bonus MagPul uses empty region with a trap door for storage.  Operators can stash a pair batteries for his or her desired accent or a handful of Skittles for refreshment (Carnik Con reference). The grip determined on for Diamondback is likewise past the usual A2 stick. Another MagPul piece, the MOE-K2+ ($25 price) has a extra vertical attitude to make shorter period of pull rifles extra comfortable.  On an adjustable-inventory rifle just like the Diamondback it technique the inventory may be adjusted shorter with out cramping your arm.  Bench and prone-function capturing is likewise hundreds extra comfortable.  The grip has a rubber over molding this is barely tacky (withinside the adhesive sense) and actually quite absolutely traces as a first-rate deal due to the fact the CMC 3.five lbs single-degree motive (approximately $a hundred and seventy price).  I’ve said CMC Trigger to provide a number of the pleasant for the cash and the unit installation with the beneficial useful resource of the usage of Diamondback changed into no one-of-a-kind.  No take-up, only a clean wreck with sufficient tour to lessen pulling at the rifle, audible and tactile relaxation proper returned on the wall for each different shot.

Diamondback DB15 CCMLB SuperKit : The handguard allows beneficiant airflow for the duration of the barrel with holes nearly large sufficient to slide a finger into and burn yourself. I can also want to appearance probable getting a finger twisted in tough dealing with, however if a person doesn’t have the intellectual readability to perform a firearm, they shouldn’t be dealing with it either. MLOK slots may be positioned on the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions with wonderful texturing at the prevent and lightening cuts approximately to keep the rifle short to move and negate any weight income usually expert with 15” handguards. Out at the prevent is a muzzle tool of Diamondback’s private layout presenting  chambers and 4 vertical ports.  The chambers serve to counter shrink back and the ports to counter muzzle rise.  Smartly the ports are angled barely so muzzle flash won’t hard to apprehend aim visibility.

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